Cam is a marine biologist, ecologist, fly fisherman, adventurist, and self-taught photographer. His interest in exploring the art of capturing moments in time came as a result of his ever growing love for the natural world. Through scientific research he has become aware of the destructive interactions that occur between the natural and developing world but understands the inevitable: That progress will progress. Through images, Cam captures not only adventurous moments, but also the wild places we seem to become so easily disconnected from with the hope of inspiring viewers to rethink their impact and base decisions on more than immediate gratification.

With both a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and a Master's of Science in Marine Ecology, Cam has nearly a decade of experience studying the natural world and how we interact with it. His work with non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies, and research institutes has drawn his focus towards the socio-economic links that we share with the natural world. Cam has traveled from the Bahamian archipelago to study the ecology and economic value of bonefish (Albula spp.), to the Katmai Wilderness of Alaska to experience the impact of recreational salmon and trout fisheries.

Cam's work has come to light in several forms. He has given several formal and informal talks on his work, authored several peer-reviewed scientific publications, and provided both images and footage to several prominent conservation focused media outlets including Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Trout Unlimited, and PBS.

Cam currently calls Morehead City, North Carolina home.

Research Experiences

  • 2019: Research Assistant – Understanding habitat type, movement, and locations of spawning in Bonefish found throughout the Bahamas and Florida. Funding provided by Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

  • Jan 2017 - December 2018: Master’s Thesis – Reproductive Development of Female Bonefish (Albula spp.) in the Bahamas. Funding provided by Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

  • 2018: Research Diver – Conducted shallow water (90’) coral sampling for Mesophotic coral reef transplant experiment in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Supported by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute and NOAA

  • 2014 - 2016: Research Technician – Technician under PhD candidate Jacob Krause, who worked to estimate natural mortality and movement of Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) in Delaware and North Carolina. Supported by NC Sea Grant.

  • 2013: Research Volunteer – Stomach content analysis for a PhD candidate Samantha Binion-Rock who was developing a food web model of piscivorous fish in the Pamlico Sound.

Research Presentations and Publications


  • Luck C. A., S. Mejri, J. Lewis, P. Wills, M. Riche, J. Shenker, A. Adams, M. J. Ajemian. (2018) Seasonal and spatial changes in sex hormones levels and oocyte development of bonefish (Albula vulpes). American Fisheries Society, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Oral Presentation.

  • Luck C. A., A. Adams, J. Shenker, Z. Jud, J. Lewis, E. Carey, A. Danylchuk (2017) Identifying bonefish pre-spawning aggregations: critical information for conservation. Bahamas Natural History Conference. Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. Oral Presentation.

  • Luck C. A. (2017) Bonefish, Sex, and Everything in Between: Understanding Wild Bonefish Spawning. Marine Science Lecture Series, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Fort Pierce, Florida. Oral Presentation.


  • Mejri S., Halstead W.R., Luck C.A., Robinson C., Van Leeuwen T.E., Adams A.J., Shenker J., Ajemian M.A., Wills P.S. (2019) A novel attempt at artificial spaning of captive bonefish (Albula spp.). Aquaculture Research.

  • Luck C. A., Mejri S., Lewis J., Wills P., Riche M., Shenker J., Adams A., Ajemian M. J.. 2019. Seasonal and spatial changes in sex hormones levels and oocyte development of bonefish (Albula vulpes). Environmental Biology of Fishes   

  • Mejri S., Luck C. A., Tremblay R., Riche M., Adams A., Ajemian M. J., Shenker J., Wills P. J. 2018. Bonefish (Albula vulpes) oocyte lipid classes and fatty acid composition related to their development. Environmental Biology of Fishes